Longboard. Let's make a point on the advantages and disadvantages of each truck brand for Dancing and Freestyle.

Longboard trucks : Dancing & Freestyle

If longboard trucks are subject to fewer constraints than our skater/grinder friends, Freestylers are still part of the serial truck breakers.

For those for whom it is the first board or all beginners who change their trucks for the first time, it is quite complicated to choose your trucks without additional information.

So let's do a little summary of what we have seen on the subjects of the PARIS, CALIBER, BEAR or ATLAS brands for Freestyle and Dancing.

Remember that we focus on the offer of trucks available in 180 (or 184mm) and 50° (between 48 and 52°), essential to obtain a good feeling in carving.

Longboard Dancing trucks

Paris Trucks : the good

Paris is one of the most active longboard truck brands. The Paris trucks are found as standard on many boards, and in particular on the entire Loaded range, including the Dancing and freestyle boards LOADED Tarab II or Mata Hari. These are the reference trucks for the best Dancer/Freestylers on the planet like Lotfi Lamaali, Abou Seck or Marina Correia.

With the Paris V3 (50°), we have a good angle to carve and everything is fluid and flexible.

Ideal for Dancing, they are quite capable of producing good Freestyle sessions. For aggressive Freestylers and serial-breakers, the Paris V3 are not necessarily the most robust of our selection. For the rest of mankind, it is the default choice, and very good material for the Dancing longboard.

On a technical level, the PARIS V3 trucks weigh 462g on the scale (each), 90a duro rubbers, and 96a pivots.

Caliber : the tough

We do not present the CALIBER brand of trucks, one of the default choices of many longboarders, in Downhill and Freeride. But what about the latest Caliber IIIs for Dancing and Freestyle?

According to our Freestyle Pro, Seb Rambourg: "The CALIBER 3 are really good for freestyle. Closer to the ground, more resistant, they are also stiffer than the Paris. More suitable for longboarders who ride tight" . If the rubbers of the old versions had the reputation of suffering quickly, the problem has been corrected on the Caliber III.

For longboarders looking for fluidity and flexibility, the PARIS V3 offer a better compromise. The CALIBER III are a serious alternative for pure Freestyle enthusiasts who put their gear to the test.

The Caliber III truck features 96a pivots, Venom "High Performance Formula" 90a bushings, and weighs 472g.

& the others...

If CALIBER and PARIS often monopolize the first two places in the rankings, what about other brands such as BEAR or ATLAS?

BEAR trucks, in particular, are fitted as standard on LANDYACHTZ complete longboards, including Dancing/Freestyle models such as the LANDYACHTZ Stratus 46. Renowned for its versatility, the BEAR Grizzly Gen 6 includes a Hollow kingpin and is an excellent choice for all purposes. Although it is less popular with Dancing enthusiasts, it remains a very good choice for "jack of all trades" longboarders.

This is not the case, however, with ATLAS brand trucks, very stable trucks with unique handling for downhill and therefore reserved for DH enthusiasts. The hanger of the ATLAS Original 180mm truck can also be turned over to gain or lose 3° of angle.

Not to be chosen to equip your Dancing longboard deck. The final word is for Seb: "The ATLAS are downhill trucks, very rigid and precise. For Dancing / Freestyle, it's really not enough".