Longboard. We return on the program of the various boards of the magnificent range of longboards LOADED

LOADED Longboards : which one to choose ?

For this article, we join today with our friends of the site Longboard-skate .fr who propose us a simple and effective summary of the range of the Californian brand to help you to choose your Longboard LOADED.

We offer you a brief overview below to understand at a glance the range of LOADED boards currently available.


LOADED Tan Tien: The old lady from LOADED, always in demand ! A short board to start, ride, and tackle the more serious stuff like slide on freeride. A board that will follow you all your longboarding life.

LOADED Dervish Sama: Same spirit, but longer (42.8") for more stability. Even more adapted to adult beginners to equip themselves with an all-round board par excellence. A must-have in the LOADED range to get your first foot in the sport.


LOADED Icarus : Compact and playful ! The longboard for Carver at full speed! Very concave, very reactive, it is the model for the carvers of the impossible.

LOADED Vanguard: The Pumping Machine. On the program, Pumping and carving with a soft deck, full of bounce and flex. A real trampoline on wheels to relaunch in the turns and pump until the end of the night.


LOADED Tarab II : One of the most beautiful setup for Dancing. A long Dancing/Freestyle board, in the purest tradition with rails to catch your board during tricks, inserts to protect the deck from shocks, and the mix of grip coarse grain / fine grain. All packed in a package containing all the LOADED know-how.

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LOADED Mata Hari: Still dedicated to Dancing but with a DNA even more oriented towards Freestyle lovers. Shorter, more pop, and more explosive than the Tarab, this is the longboard to discover the tricks of Freestyle, and for the Pros of the discipline.


LOADED Tesseract Basalt: The uncompromising board for speed. The Tesseract is for those who want to focus on downhill or freeride riding. A firm deck with a W-shaped concave for optimal foot lock. Also suitable for all-rounders looking for maneuverability with its double kicktails, this is the longboard for slide addicts!

LOADED Tesseract Cantellated : A shortened version of the Tesseract Basalt, but not only. A directional board with a single Kicktail and Rocker. All this with multiple Wheelbase options, so everyone can tune and trigger their slides. An even more "Skaty" deck for the street pros who are looking for a multi-purpose deck.

LOADED Tesseract Truncated : The shortest Tesseract (33" versus 39" and 36" for Basalt and Cantellated). Playability taken to the extreme. More lightness, more feeling at high speed!