Surfskate. The co-founder of the surfskate CARVER brand takes us on a journey through time, tracing the history behind the creation of the truck CARVER C7, CX or C5.

Welcome to CARVER!

We embark on a journey to CARVER , and it's Greg Falk, one of the brand's founders, who opens the doors of the workshop to us.

Illustrated by never-before-seen footage filmed at CARVER, he tells us how he and his team have spent the last 27 years building the tools needed to design trucks CARVER. By tinkering with industrial machines, they have built up a nice little in-house workshop with equipment that is unique in the world.

Through research, trials and failures, the CARVER team has produced a highly reliable truck and a completely new way of riding.

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In the secret of the gods!

Fans of old machines will enjoy seeing or revisiting the very first models of trucks articulated CARVER, including the first hand-assembled C7 prototype or the original truck CX from 2001.

An opportunity to learn a little more about the construction of truck and the technology at work to deliver that super-smooth gliding sensation or the ability to ride just by carving.

Mister Falk also reveals a few secrets about the manufacture of his creations and how they modified existing materials to obtain the right compromise we know today. We also discover the analogy between surfing and Skate and how CARVER designed each part to precisely recreate the feel and handling of a surfboard.

Truck CARVER C7 prototype

CARVER: tips from the boss

The video, rather well done, ends up as a sort of guide for surfskate CARVER users.

We are reminded of the program for each truck in the CARVER range, for those still in doubt about which surfskate to choose. Close-ups of each of the brand's C7, CX, C5 or C2, surftraining and pumping models, street and truck.

Friend Greg also takes the opportunity to give us a few tips on how to set up your surfskate board. He reminds us in passing that the C7 adjustment screw can be turned to the right, resulting in a tighter spring and increased tension in the pivot arm (and vice versa). Very useful. You can also learn at a glance whether you have the old spring system (pre-2020) or the new one.

A kind of tribute/tutorial video, in two parts, which should please CARVER and surfskate fans in general.