Clothing. It is an article inseparable from the world of skateboarding. The DICKIES 874 have been skaters' favorite pants for many years. But why, in fact?

Workpants Star

It takes up half of the skateshop's pants shelves and has been in the catalog for decades.

The Workpant 874, or Dickies 874 work pants, is a central model in the Dickies skate clothing collection. Along with the VANS Old-Skool or the Thrasher Hoodie, it's even one of the essentials in the sportswear range for skaters.

The most observant recognize him in many skate parts and purists remember his supremacy in the AntiHero and Toy machine videos of the 90s.

Definitely consecrated thanks to American rappers like Snoop Dogg or Eminem, then to neo-punk groups like Blink-182 or Sum-41, it has spread through pop culture as one of the most popular fashion items. of the 20th century, thanks in particular to the buttocks of Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Jaden Smith or Justin Bieber!

Marketed by DICKIES for over 55 years, the Dickies 874 Twill Work Pant is the star of skate pants.

Durability at the service of skateboarding

Like most accessories in the DICKIES streetwear range, the 874 is basically work trousers. Light and solid, this model released in 1967 is the heir to the DICKIES know-how acquired over decades by manufacturing work trousers for farmers or for the American army.

Originally made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, the DICKIES 874 benefits from an anti-stain finish which makes it an excellent choice for messy jobs.

Particularly resistant to withstand the constraints of the professional world, the 874 retains a classy enough cut to be worn elsewhere than at work.

Thanks to all its qualities, and its slightly loose fit, the DICKIES 874 trousers have slowly infiltrated society, not as work trousers, but as a fashion accessory.

Adopted in the 80s by the Latin American Californian Workers, it quickly caught the eye of skateboarders for its solidity against asphalt. Their straight, loose cut makes them comfortable enough for skating and elegant enough for everyday wear. It offers enough space to send tricks, and class to have a drink after the session!

Now available in different versions, including an even more comfortable Flex model, the Dickies 874 trousers are available in twenty colors, for women and men.

On our side, we totally love it. And while some prefer its cousin, the DICKIES Sherburn, for its slim fit, the DICKIES pants are our number one choice for any skateboarding session.

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