List of products by brand Madrid

Madrid is a "Proudly Made in USA" Longskates and Skateboards brand.

Madrid is one of the "pure players" in the world of longboard and has a complete range, for Carving, Cruising, Downhill, Dancing and Freeride.

Jerry Madrid's brand (and not originally from the city of the same name) is based in Huntington Beach, California. The brand's DNA? Offer longboards to ensure a perfect transition between surfing and skateboarding. A fairly logical concept when you know that the skateboard was invented by surfers in need of waves. Initially a surfer, Jerry Madrid started shaping longboard boards in the 60's to quickly focus 100% on skateboarding.

With its half century of existence in the world of longboarding, Madrid is one of the highly respected pioneers. The brand now offers a wide range of longboards in which you will find the model adapted to your riding style. All the Madrid longboards offered have a very good quality/price ratio.

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